How To Find Advertising Internships Summer 2019

If you want to get stuck into the exciting world of advertising, then an internship is the ideal place to start. Advertising internships can be found at agencies all over the place, and you can take the program over the summer to give yourself a head start in the industry.

If you are looking at advertising internships summer 2019, then you are on the right path to making your career become a reality. The experience that you will gain is invaluable, and it will make finding the right job so much easier when you are ready.

In order to help make your goals and dreams come true, here is our guide to finding a great summer advertising internship. Hopefully, it will help you to get onto the path of success. 

Why Do A Summer Advertising Internship?

Doing an advertising agency internship for summer will benefit you in many ways. Firstly, the program will provide you with valuable work experience. It can be really tough finding a job with a blank resume, and an internship will solve this problem. They are the best way of gaining valuable real-world experience while you are young.

Not only this, but you will learn new skills. You will learn the in’s and out’s of the advertising world, and it will prepare you for what is to come when you take on full-time employment. Being prepared through real-life experience is something you just can’t learn in a class. 

Taking on the program is also a helpful way to help you to figure out exactly what you want to do as well. Working in advertising is multi-faceted, and it can be tricky at first to find your niche in the industry. Your internship will help you to find out where your strengths and interests lie, and of course, give you an idea if this is the career you want to pursue.  

What to Expect From Your Internship

When you think of an internship, thoughts of doing the work that no one else wants to might spring to mind. But, really, it’s about starting with the basics. Your roles and responsibilities will differ depending on the department and agency you work under. 

Advertising internships summer 2019 will require you to do get involved with many facets of the agency. You will be taking on real work and will be utilizing a variety of skills. Expect to flex your creativity muscles, take on admin, work on briefs, mood boards, work with different professionals, and follow the agency’s different procedures. 

It is important to make the most out of your time with the agency in order to really take from the experience.

Paid Internship vs. Experience

Paid advertising internships are definitely more appealing, but getting one can be a little tricky. If a paid position is important to you then you will need to prove that you are worth the money. You will need to be able to do more than what would be required in an unpaid internship to make it worth it.

However, gaining experience should be the most important takeaway from your role. This is really where the value lies, and it is your experience that will lead to you building a successful career. 

Finding the Best Advertising Internships Summer 2019

Finding a suitable agency with a great program in the fast-paced advertising world can seem daunting. Don’t worry though, as securing your spot for the season is easier than you may think. Here are some tips on finding the best summer advertising internships. 

Reach Out Wherever You Can

Whether or not the agencies near you are advertising summer internships, simply reach out to them. Many people wait around trying to find postings for summer positions, but approaching the companies directly even if they’re not advertising can still work in your favour.

Make sure that you remain professional and polite. Let the agency know that you are willing to work hard in order to gain experience and that you are happy to help wherever you can. 

If you are offering your services without expecting any payment, most companies should be happy to take you on board. Just remember that the people you speak to are busy, so get to the point and make sure not to waste their time. 

Put Together a Portfolio

When applying for a position or heading into an interview, try to include a portfolio of your work. While you may not have any formal advertising work experience, any relevant or creative work will still add to your application.

Whether it is high school art, writing, or designs that you have done in your spare time or at college, it can be used to show what you are capable of. 

Look Into Your Contacts

Look into your own network and find professional contacts that you know. A word of mouth connection with the right person could be the easiest way to secure your spot for the summer program. 

This could be a family friend, a relative, a teacher, or a past work colleague. You never know who might be able to help you.

Do Your Research

This is vital. You need to look into the different agencies out there, their clients, and how they work. Not only will this help you to find an agency that best suits your interests, but it will also prepare you for when you interview with them. 

Being clued up on how the company works, who they work with, and what they focus on puts you a step ahead. Making a list of ideal companies will also help to set your own work goals.

Look Online

If you are searching for advertising internships summer 2019, there are so many online resources to help you find the job. 

You will find websites that focus directly on summer programs, and some that focus directly on finding advertising jobs. A simple internet search is often the best place to start.

Get Yourself Out There

Taking on an internship will only ever help you over the long run. Through the experience, knowledge, and lessons learned in the work environment, you will come out as a stronger candidate for future employment.


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